Scale VC, Now Redbud VC

A new chapter in our journey, offering more flexibility and tailored support for founders!

A Note From the Redbud VC Team

Surprise! 🎉 Scale VC is now Redbud VC. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to change to a name that ties us to our Missouri roots, the founders we back, and is more unique and authentic. It’s been quite a journey over the past two years at Scale, and we couldn’t wait any longer to share our new name, branding, and model with our founders, supporters, and community! We invite you to take a look at all of our exciting updates below ⤵

❓Why “Redbud VC”?

A Redbud is a type of tree native to Missouri and can withstand any weather climate: droughts, torrential downpours, snow, and heat waves; you can bet that Redbud trees will still be standing. The name Redbud is symbolic of our founders. We at Redbud VC are backing founders that want to build with us in any climate. 🌳 ⛈️ 

🎬️ Behind the Scenes

💭 What does Redbud VC invest in?

Redbud VC is a venture capital fund and studio investing monetary and social capital in early-stage tech founders.

  • Geo: North America 🌍️ 

  • Investing on a rolling basis: Investing ~12 times per year ⏰ 

  • Check size: $50k-$150k 🫰 

  • Stage: Idea, friends and family, pre-round, Pre-Seed, or Seed stage 💡

  • Team: Solo founders or multiple founders, but need a technical team member 👯 

  • Sector: Tech generalist 🚀 

  • Support: Successful operators working with founders in perpetuity ♾️ 

✨ Why Us?

At Redbud VC, we've always believed in creating a frictionless and nearly structureless environment for founders. We understand that every founder has a different journey and requires customized, time-flexible support, so we have molded ourselves around the following:

  • Responsiveness: We're dedicated to providing timely support to founders, whether day, night, or weekend. We’re here to build with you in any climate.

  • Operator expertise: We offer direct access to operators who have built billion-dollar companies, such as Wade Foster (Founder of Zapier) and Willy Schlacks (Founder of EquipmentShare), who know what it takes to build from the ground up.

  • Network effects: We ensure that our founders have access to valuable networks and resources for sourcing customers, talent, investors, partners, and more, regardless if they are based on the coasts or the Midwest. In fact, in our last three investments, we’ve introed founders to a cumulative ~60 investors.

🥳 Wow! This is awesome! Any last thoughts?

With the rolling investment model, Redbud VC is breaking the mold and setting a new standard for operator support. We aim to ensure that founders can focus on what truly matters: delighting customers and forging a rich culture.

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