#2 September 2022: Neumann's Utopia

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Are we the only ones who can't believe it's almost fall? 🍂 September means it's almost time to start our third cohort. As we start thinking about the next cohort, we can't help but reflect on all the wins from the companies in our first two cohorts. We're so excited that they've been able to raise ~$8M, open multiple locations, find first customers, and even acquire a company, and we can't wait to see this momentum continue! 🎊

Scale invests first checks into fearless founders and accelerates access to monetary and social capital. We’re excited to bring you monthly updates about Scale companies and the state of tech startups and investing in the Midwest. - We've filtered through thousands of sources, so you don't have to. Enjoy 🥂

Money is usually not the constraint to innovation but founder's DNA. Do you have people in your company that think like founders? Usually not, because if you have founder DNA, you will launch a company.

Wade Foster - Co-Founder & CEO of Zapier & Scale Advisor

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Tons of buzz lately around this guy...who raised more than all Missouri tech founders in the first half of 2022.

💰 Midwest Economics

  • In Missouri, startups are driving intense job growth, especially in the tech sector (i.e., 80% of new jobs in the state are with startups!). This is great news for boosting the local economy and increasing trust in local investments. As a result, seven of the top 10 cities for new grads to start their careers are in the Midwest!

  • The Midwest had 15.66% & Missouri had 1.22% on the Inc 5000 list, with CDL 1000 being the highest in the Midwest & 3rd on the list.

  • This month, investing in Missouri continues to show great upside versus the national market. Missouri stocks have outperformed the market in the last month, last twelve months (LTM), and year to date (YTD).

💰 Midwest Deals

🐄 Midwest Macro Trends

  • Unemployment in Missouri continues to decline to a 10-yr. low of 2.5% compared to the national rate of 3.5% and 3.4% in the Midwest ✅

  • Missouri’s Purchasing Manager Index continues to decrease to 47.3, well below the national and Midwest indices 🔻

  • Midwest Consumer Price Index rose to 8.6% compared to the national rate of 8.5% 🔺

M25’s yearly startup rankings were released this month, highlights below: 🎉 Our hometown (Columbia, MO) jumped 5 spots to #22🎉 Our Missouri neighbors KC and STL held of competition at #11 and #5🎉 Indy vaulted into the top 3 for the first time ever!!🎉 All of Kentucky’s major cities had significant jumps including a +9 for Lexington

📈 Macro Trend Report

  • Regardless of the round size, Seed/Angel valuations have continued to rise in 2022.

  • M&A TRENDS | Despite the theory that decreased VC funding (see above) would drive alternate exit strategies, the M&A market has remained cool. Perhaps Q1 of 2023 will see this trend correct, but we'll have to wait and see how it plays out.

🧠 This Month's Recommendations

📚 What We’re Reading

🎧 What We’re Listening To

  • 2048 Ventures' Neha Khera discusses the power of underdog founders and accelerators (aka everything we LOVE) [35 minutes]

  • 20VC's Harry Stebbins chats with Logan Bartlett, Managing Director at Redpoint, about growth stage investing, the current private market, and much more [54 minutes]

  • Mark Achler & Mert Iseri of MATH Venture Partners discuss Dispelling Folktales for Founder and various insights from building MATH on The Full Ratchet [71 minutes]

📅 What We’re Doing

🎮 Midwest Tech of the Month

  • Tesseract, a Kansas City-based robotics startup, announced a partnership with Whiteman Air Force Base to test their proprietary data visualization hubs to increase situational awareness and operational control for the military.

🚀 Scale Portfolio Company Highlight of the Month

Congrats to TheGoodz on opening their second location in Springfield, MO!

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  • Finance Tip of the Month: The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 increases the R&D tax credit cap from $250,000 to $500,000, meaning that startups can reduce their payroll taxes by half a million dollars – a substantial amount!

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